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Exploring the impact on the Monterey Bay as winter turns to spring

Spring brings a big shift in the ecosystems of the Monterey Bay. In the fall, the water was thick with dinoflagellates, but as conditions change, we're expecting to see an increase in diatom populations. Seasonal upwellings bring up plenty of nutrients for these glass-walled organisms, which multiply so quickly that they often turn the water green. . . 

What are plankton and why are they important?

Plankton are the foundation of almost every aquatic ecosystem on the planet. Learn how something so small can have such a big impact

Giving students experience in the field

P3 gives students in scientific majors the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real research and gain important skills for scientific data collection

Cabrillo college marne biology sudents program

Interested in Joining the Team?

P3 is always welcoming students and citizens who are passionate about the incredible environment right in their own backyard! Contact us today to learn about how you can participate and contribute to important scientific research within your own community.

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